29 August 2016

Lifestyle/Sponsored post: Leonhard's TOP PICKS from Scarlet Burn, UK based Alternative Shop

LEONHARD is the lead male character @ The Night of Elisa - Illustrated Gothic Novel, which takes place during the Victorian Era. He is a painter and has existed for long centuries of darkness and solitude, until the time of the the story, when he sees himself among true, loyal friends. He is a man of traditions and his lifestyle has always been rooted on the dark side of existence. 


Scarlet Burn, UK Alternative Shop and I have asked him: 

Leonhard, if you were a modern-day Goth, which would be your top picks from the shop and why?
And here is what we got:


I'd certainly wear this Chaos necklace instead of my ascots and scarves, trading therefore the elegant for the... - this that you so call "casual"?

Chaos is the essence burning at the underground of my mind, hiding beneath it's compartmentalization  and preoccupations with perfection and control.

I'd have one of these door knockers, to let those who come at my door know how much I welcome them. Oh! I cherish this design! It reminds me of certain places I have been a long, long time ago.


Beauty in all its shapes and nuances should be the feast of my soul. This slightly puzzling calendar would help me to register the days of earthly time - a concept which I have trouble understanding - and nonetheless, should keep me entertained with this delightful female figure.

(Scoffs.) I just hope my dearest Elisa will not grow jealousy upon hearing these words...

I know myself just too well. I been provided of great amounts of time for doing analysis of the self and reflections upon my actions and impulses. I have these obsessions which come in waves and I am most certain, that I would have to live there - where you are - in the material world, my newest obsession would have been Death itself.

And that's why the rest of this list will gravitate around it. I cannot already think of something else... And thus, I indulged in this incense burner.

Books! One cannot live (ironic use of words) without them! Those magnificent bookends would be essential on my shelves. Specially one on each end of my 1700s Shakespearian collection, as if a transgression from Hamlet itself.

What can be more frightening and at the same time more beautiful than what lies beneath the surface? The pillars of man's material essence are sculpted in bones and that art of the finest is only revealed when life has fled the vessel.

This Atrocity Lamp is mostly, illuminating, shall I say the least.

Leonhard: I am most grateful and amused of having such an opportunity to wander my mind on the things of the living! I indulged in this playful activity, but now I must return to my realm. The duties of Duskland are calling for me.

Isis Sousa & Scarlet Burn: You are most welcome! And it was fun having you participating on this post!

------------ ~ * ~ * ~ ------------

You can find these awesome items and much more at Scarlet Burn. And you know something really cool? Each time you purchase something from this UK shop, you earn reward points, which you can spend later on!

Visit: www.scarletburn.co.uk

27 August 2016

The Art of Sanjin Halimic

I like the art of South Korean Sanjin Halimic a lot. I discovered him on ArtStation, since I have a portfolio there as well. What’s special about it? In my opinion, it is the way he mixes the old influences with new aesthetics and modern approach to Fantasy art.

I can see much of classic art lighting and use of colors in his work as well as some brush explorations to give the digital media a more painterly and traditional look. On the other hand, his aesthetical choices have influence of manga and some of the latest trends in digital art.

Another aspect of his work I enjoy is the themes. He can do some classic motives with a nice, personal appealing, making them as interesting as new.


Enjoy more of his work HERE: https://www.artstation.com/artist/sanjinhalimic

18 August 2016

Beyond The Black

Nice band I have been listening to lately. At first listening, I didn't like their music at all o.O - but then... After listening to them more, and more... I grew quite fond of their music :) I think their albums are very well produced. The lyrics are great and the musicians/vocals are good on the technical aspects as well. Cool stuff.

Sharing some videos. Indulge!

Visit their official website: www.beyondtheblack.de

16 August 2016

On The Rocks, a Horror Erotica short story by Elizabeth Morgan

5 out of 5 stars!

I had never read an Erotica before. (Not kidding!) So this is my first read within the genre and I am glad it had to be a story by Elizabeth Morgan. She writes exceptionally well and there’s a great flow in the plot.

On the Rocks is a Horror/Dark Fantasy subgenre short story, and that’s the main reason why I enjoyed it, as a big fan of both styles. Now, imagine, combining something dark and spooky with something beautifully sexy and you have a roller-coaster of moods throughout the book! Like, going from a “hot” moment to a “chilling cold” creepy scene! (That’s brilliant!)

In the space of a short story the author was also able to show nice characterization. The protagonists (and others as well) read like very distinct personalities, which adds more depth to the work.

I cannot tell much of the story without spoiling things. So let’s say I’d have to create a logline for On the Rocks, that would be “Hot bartender chick meets mermaid from Hell.” Now, go on, grab your copy and have some fun!

Visit Elizabeth Morgan's website: www.e-morgan.com
Visit her GoodReads page. Click HERE.

12 August 2016

Ertaç Altınöz and his awesome Game of Thrones fan arts

Ertaç Altınöz is an artist I have been friends with and admired for several years. And he is not only great in what he does, but also a great person.

He has been doing Game of Thrones fan art pieces for a while (check his gallery for more) and I have selected a few of his latest pieces, the ones I like most to share with you :)

Now, I let his work speak for itself. Indulge!


And this is the most beautiful, most enticing of this selection, in my opinion.  

Visit Ertaç Altınöz' gallery @ ArtStation

09 August 2016

Alora's Tear Vol. III - "Locations" - A guest post by Nathan Barham, Fantasy author

Since I have illustrated and designed the covers for Alora's Tear, I invited Fantasy author for a guest post.

Nathan Barham tells about his inspiration for the locations of his Epic Fantasy series "Alora's Tear Vol. III - The Voice Like Water" - is coming for sale this 9th August! The paperback and e-book versions will be available on popular book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and so on. Check www.barhamink.com for more info.

https://www.amazon.com/Fragments-Aloras-Tear-Nathan-Barham/dp/0990596524/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1470385655&sr=8-3&keywords=nathan+barham http://www.barhamink.com/ 

Click on the links to see pictures and more info about the real life places.

I’ve always hoped the places my characters visit feel real and lived-in. Often, I tell my students that their characters shouldn’t simply be disembodied heads floating around empty rooms. But more so than having the places feel inhabited, I want Vladvir, Tolarenz, Grafmark, and the rest to be characters that readers know and understand in the way they understand John or Brâghda, Thomas or Askon.

If Tolarenz is empty, we should feel not just Askon’s loneliness, but the loneliness of the valley itself. Grafmark should threaten and glower, irritated that our heroes dare set foot within its bounds. King’s City should go on without taking notice, bustling and busying itself with the mundane, the everyday, even as fleeting moments of the fantastic pass through its streets.

One of the challenges in working on the covers for the series is deciding what will make up the background. Now, as should be made clear, my calling this process hard is laughable. Isis does the real work of bringing these places and people to visual life, but I play my small part.

Each character stands before a specific location somewhere in Vladvir, and each of those comes from a place where I have lived or visited. Many of the settings in the story are fantasy versions of places with which I am familiar. Some of them are what I call “special places,” locations in the real world that feel as though they’ve stepped out of a story, that have a power, an energy one feels when in their presence, a spirit. Lover’s Fall, for instance, is modeled after Multnomah Falls in Oregon, a place I’ve visited several times, one special enough that I will go hours out of the way simply to stop just to listen to its water, watch the mist sparkle, and feel the cool shadows.

Askon passes the Vladvir version in Volume I, just before his company reaches Austgæta. But it is after the events that take place there, just before his defining choice in the first book that we see him as he appears on the cover with the mountains behind him looking down into the plains far below. This too has a real world counterpart. The two valleys in which I grew up, the first, on the Clearwater River in Idaho, and the second, at the confluence of the Clearwater and the Snake (which coincidentally flows into the Colombia, along which one will find Multnomah), both show signs of at one prehistoric era being under an enormous body of water. Such are the hillside bluffs west of Austgæta.

For Volume II, the moment and location are similar generally, mountainous terrain and a character looking out onto a valley. However, Grafmark itself, the site of the second book’s cover, is an amalgam of the forests in north Idaho where I spent summers working for my father’s logging company. Many mornings, I would arrive on the job while it was still dark. The nature of my particular work had me there by myself most days. And when the wind picks up in the pines and spruce, when the darkness is deeper than you thought possible, when you ask yourself where all the stars have gone and if that sound in the trees is only just the wind, you’ve known what it’s like to stand in the forest of Grafmark, and what it’s like to walk from the pickup to the machine on an early north Idaho morning.

Another prime example of a location directly from the places I have lived is the Æsten Ridge. Almost a footnote in the adventure from book two, the Ridge is iconic to anyone who has ever lived in Lewiston, Idaho or Clarkston, Washington, twin towns only twin because the river and the state line separate them. Swallow’s Nest Rock is the original, and though the Æsten Ridge is even larger, the real world place still holds its own.

But the Lewis-Clark valley is only one source. Above it, and to the north, a long stretch of rolling hills called the Palouse spreads in all directions. In the spring, its fields are as green as Tolkien’s Shire and in the summer epitomize the “amber waves of grain” from America the Beautiful. These hills and dales, fields and little streams that the locals call rivers, scattered with a willow or a cottonwood, make up the inspiration for the South Kingdom, where Volume III takes place. Here, sunsets fan out over the whole of the horizon, right on the edge of what the Montanans call “big sky country.” And in the winter, when the snows bury the wheat fields, the nights are bright enough to see for miles.

And though these places are merely inspirations for the land of Vladvir, and though there are many more to discover, each with their own story, I hope they breathe and emote within the Alora’s Tear series as much as my characters do. I hope that were they to come to harm for some reason, that the threat would be as though the world itself might experience pain, anguish, and terror. And, that if our heroes are victorious, the world too experiences joy and exultation.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

About Nathan Barham

Nathan spends most of his working days with the students of Genesee Junior-Senior High School in Genesee, Idaho. Whether it’s essay structure, a classic literary work, or the occasional impromptu dance routine, he strives to keep students interested in the fun and the fundamentals of the English language.

When he’s not teaching, he wears a number of hats, though the one that says “Dad” is the most careworn and cherished (it says “Husband” on the back). It hangs on a hook in a house where music is a constant and all the computers say “Designed by Apple in California” somewhere on their aluminium facades. From time to time it is said that he ventures into the mysterious realm called outside, though the occasion is rare and almost exclusively upon request by son or daughter.

Visit his website: www.barhamink.com
Visit his Amazon page. Click HERE.
Connect With Nathan on GoodReads: Click HERE.
Connect with Nathan on Twitter: @NateBarham

07 August 2016

Louna, a Russian Rock/Punk/Alternative band - one of the coolest bands I have discovered recently


Last year my husband discovered a band, which he started playing from the web and that sound resonated with me. I loved the toning of their music, the arrangements and the amazing vocal technique and voice of their front girl (one of the coolest I have ever heard).

The lyrics were aggressive, true, original even thought they talked about themes often explored by other rock bands. There's also a criticism towards Mother Russia, as every rock band oughs to criticize  their own land...

My husband searched for their CD in a lot of stores, and it has proven rare and difficult to find. We are old fashion, we collect CD's! :) So, a beautiful day, like a couple of months ago, he found it for sale at a German webshop. And since this wonderful music pearl arrived at our home we have played it loud quite often.


LOUNA - BEHIND A MASK is in our opinion, their best work, it's the most punk-ish, heaviest, bad-ass of them all. 

Somehow, after this they have changed their music to a softer, more popish style. As artists they can do whatever they want, of course. However, as fans of Behind A Mask, we would like them to do more stuff like that.

By the way, our CD is sang entirely in English, but the videos here shared are sang in Russian and some of them are not from this album.

This song MAMA is a musical orgasm. I love the version in the video, but the version on the CD above is the absolute best, in my opinion.

Visit their website: lounarocks.com
Visit their Youtube Channel